Arma Carbon Flex Fetlock Boot Black Full

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Shires ARMA Carbon Fetlock Boots are shock absorbing boots that offer protection in the most vulnerable areas whilst still allowing the horse to feel their way.


    1. Strong TPU outer, resistant to abrasion and dirt

    2. Honeycomb foam centre absorbs impacts

    3. Breathable COOLMAX® lining is engineered to keep hardworking legs cool and dry

MAX VENTILATION Strategically placed mesh vents increase airflow around the tendons, reducing heat build up and maximising ventilation.

FLEX FIT The ergonomically shaped TPU shell defends against impact yet the flexible structure moves with the horse to facilitate peak athleticism. Double lock touch close fastenings for a secure, quick fit.

Shires ARMA Carbon Fetlock Boots features:
  • Strong TPU outer
  • Honeycomb foam centre
  • Breathable COOLMAX® lining
  • Flexible structure moves with the horse
  • Double lock touch close fastenings
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