Consignment Agreement

San Diego Saddlery, Inc., (SDS) and the Seller agree that:

  • Seller consigns to SDS for resale the items as listed, described, and priced in SDS’ consignment book. Seller certifies that they have the legal right to consign all items.
  • Seller may pick up unsold items during normal business hours upon a 24 hour notice.  Any fees incurred must be paid when item is picked up.
  • SDS can request the seller to pick up unsold or unsellable items.  Unclaimed items may be donated to charity if not picked up within 30 days of SDS’ request.  Three attempts will be made to contact the seller by phone, email, or US mail.  It is up to the seller to keep SDS informed of current contact information.
  • SDS will donate or dispose of any items deemed unsellable
  • Seller agrees that they will not list or advertise items while they are consigned to SDS
  • A fee will be charged to clean tack or launder items.
  • Consignment is paid on the 15th day of the month following the month of sale.
  • Store Credit for items sold will be available immediately.
  • SDS charges 25% commission of selling price for saddles & 40% on all other items.  SDS will determine the price of the item.
  • Seller agrees that SDS may lower the price of any item up to 20% (excluding saddles).  Any offers  lowering  the price by more than 20% will be approved by seller by phone.
  • After 60 days of consignment, SDS is authorized to lower prices as appropriate. After 180 days, remaining items will be donated to charity.