Woody's Smart Treats 5#

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Woody's Smart Treats

Woody's Smart Treats for horses let you give your horse a little love without extra sugar, starch, or fillers. The alfalfa meal and beet pulp base in Woody's Smart Treats ensures horses will be eager to indulge. With four flavors of Woody's horse treats, it's easy to pick the one you know your horse will love. Smart Treats are great for the starch-sensitive horse and those with digestion issues, but all horses will appreciate the texture and flavor.

  • Made in drug-free, ionophore-free facility*
  • Low starch
  • Grain free
  • 5lb bag
  • Apple, Carrot, Peppermint, Fenugreek

Woody's Smart Treats are grain free and rich in fiber. Apple, Carrot, and Peppermint flavors are classic horse favorites. Fenugreek is a unique variety that aims to support digestion and appetite. All Woody's Treats have sun cured alfalfa meal and dried plain beet pulp as the first ingredients. Vitamins and minerals are added to increase the nutritional value of these tasty treats for horses. You're the only one that needs to know Woody's Smart Treats are healthy and nutritious. Your horse will only know that they are delicious and you're the best horse mom or dad ever.

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