Vetericyn® FoamCare® Equine Shampoo

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Vetericyn® FoamCare® Equine Shampoo is a specially formulated spray-on equine shampoo that delivers nutrients vital to your horse’s skin while providing a conditioning, show-worthy clean. It sprays on for quick coverage, foams up instantly, conditions skin as it cleans, and rinses easily. The easy-to-use spray formula makes it a great shampoo for spot cleaning certain areas of your horse too! Spend less time washing and more time riding with Vetericyn® FoamCare® Equine Shampoo!

Spray-on applicator makes it simple to cover the entire animal in shampoo.

Foaming action takes the work out of saturating your horse’s coat.

Equine-specific formula means you get the perfect amount of shampoo for your horse’s coat, making rinsing faster than any other equine shampoo.

  • pH appropriate for equine skin
  • Formulated for optimal equine coat health and conditioning
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Paraben free
  • Free of chemical dyes
  • Plant based
  • Formulated to retain essential oils
  • More washes per bottle compared to traditional equine shampoos
  • Nourishing and conditioning mane, tail, and skin
  • Condition and strengthen hair
  • Moisturize skin to help eliminate itching and scaling
  • Remove dirt oils and debris
  • Remove unwanted build up


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