Saxon Turnout Sheet 1200D W/ Gusset Standard Neck Lite II

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Saxon 1200D Standard Neck Lite Weight Turnout Sheet/Rain Sheet

Tough and economical from the Saxon line of horse blankets, this sheet features a waterproof and breathable 1200D outer shell constructed with Ripstop weave fabric, plus traditional shoulder gussets.


  • 1200 Denier waterproof and breathable outer
  • 210D Polyester lining
  • Twin adjustable front buckle closures
  • Low cross surcingles
  • Adjustable web leg straps
  • Standard tail flap

Item Specifications:

Polyester Ripstop

0 gram (None)


Measuring Instructions:
Stand your horse as square as possible, and measure from the center of chest around side of the body to the point of the horse's rump just before the tail. If your horse ends up measuring between sizes, always round up to the next size to ensure full coverage.

Washing Instructions:
To keep your blanket as comfortable as possible for your horse and to maximize the blanket's life, it is recommended that you clean your blanket annually. First, remove excess dirt from the outside of the blanket with a brush and hose. The blanket can then be washed either by hand, or on a delicate cycle with cool water in a commercial washer. Use only very mild soap. When the blanket has been washed, allow to drip dry and ensure that the blanket is thoroughly dry before storage. Do not put your horse's blanket in the dryer or wash with hot water. Do not store your horse's blanket if damp or wet. This will damage the waterproof coating and void any warranties.

Horses Turned Outside Without Shelter:
Saxon Turnout Sheet and Blanket materials are waterproof and designed to keep your horse dry. However, if your horse is turned out in a field without a run in shed or shelter during prolonged rain or heavy downpours, your horse may still get wet, especially in the neck and tail areas.
When using a blanket or sheet, it is critical to monitor the fluctuating climate and temperatures, even with a blanket that is waterproof and breathable. The wicking properties of a breathable blanket are designed to wick away normal body heat. When a blanket is too heavy, the heat and moisture cannot be wicked away fast enough, causing your horse to sweat. The temperature and the length of your horse’s coat will determine what weight of blanket you should use. For this reason, most people who choose to blanket horses have several articles of horse clothing that offer varying levels of warmth.

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