Outlaw Thrush Stuff 8oz.

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Are you looking to outlaw thrush from your horses hooves? Well this product is very helpful when treating thrush and multiple other hoof funguses. Below is more information about this product.

Thrush, White line, Seedy toe, Wall Fungus, Gravel Pockets

Thrush is an athlete's foot kind of fungus that horses can get. The fungus grows in the ground and so to clean the horse's feet we recommend the Outlaw Shoe Thrush Stuff.

Intended Use Treatment

  • Thrush
  • White Line
  • Seedy Toe
  • Wall Fungus
  • Gravel Pockets
  • Shearing due to laminitis


Directions of Use

  • Clean infected area of any dirt or foreign matter
  • Apply Outlaw Thrush Stuff to affected area
  • Repeat daily or as needed




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