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Demands placed on high performance horses elevate the need for rebuilding muscles, improving gut integrity and optimizing nutrient absorption in order to maintain their elite status. Stress due to exertion reduces blood flow to the gut, thereby impairing nutrient absorption. Equine ActivElite® supplement for horses targets these needs at the cellular level with bioactive ingredients such as colostrum and probiotics, so active horses can continue to perform day after day.

When to Use
  • During transport
  • Before, throughout and after intense periods of activity
  • Daily throughout performance season
  • During periods of digestive challenge
Equine ActivElite Sachet
Key Benefits
  • Multifunctional bioactives sourced from complete colostrum to support overall recovery and stability
  • Maximize training output with enhanced recovery between sessions
  • Digestive enzymes promote rapid and efficient nutrient absorption and utilization
  • Probiotics help balance microflora during intense activity
  • Colostrum and its properties can support a healthy digestive tract, such as when ulcers may be present


Horses: For aggressive training or competition activities, provide 18 grams per day (4 scoops). For health and maintenance, provide 9 grams per day (2 scoops).

Foals: For all foals, provide 4.5 grams per day (1 scoop).

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