Farnam Bronco Fly Spray Plus Citronella Scent

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Bronco® e Equine Fly Spray

Contains 0.033% Prallethrins and 0.5% Piperonyl Butoxide and 0.1% Permethrin to control house, horse, horn, stable and deer flies, mosquitoes and gnats on horses. It also kills fleas and ticks.

This product is not safe to use on cats.


  • Contains 3 Active Ingredients
  • Economical, yet effective
  • Repels and kills stable, horse, face, deer, house, and horn flies, plus mosquitoes, lice, chiggers, and gnats
  • Ready-to-use, water-based formula
  • Pleasant citronella scent.

Apply to horse and repeat as needed.


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