Sabaku Black Horse Midnight Tee

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Unique to the Southwest are various cultures that have used and represented horses in ways individualized to their needs and aesthetic. American cowboys mimicked Mexican vaqueros and indigenous Americans assimilated equestrian culture in their own way. It is typical in the West to see the bygone era of horse riding romanticized as a period of freedom and easy movement. Outside of the Southwest, the horse is a collective symbol of openness and liberation so much so that is has become a dominant motif in Western fine arts. We continue to incorporate horse imagery in our designs not only because of its popularity, but also due to its significance as a symbol of freedom for the present day denizens of the Southwest.


Ladies Boutique Tee- (ssbt) Our own flattering missy cut, hemmed to the hip with a scoop neckline, made in the USA of soft 100% garment dyed cotton. Medium approximately 25" long and 21" wide at the under arm. 

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