Aspen Alu-Mend Spray on Bandage

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Alu-Mend Spray is an aluminum spray for horses that acts as a protectant and barrier on wounds. The aerosol bandage sprays on easily and dries fast. Alu-Mend can be used on horses and other animals. It allows wounds to heal and prevents dirt, water, and insects from contaminating the area. Perfect for areas of the horse that are difficult to wrap.

Alu-Mend Spray contains 40mg of aluminum powder that sprays as a liquid then dries quickly to protect the wound with a breathable film that allows in healing oxygen. Alu-Mend Spray should not be used on deep or puncture wounds and wounds that need to drain. Please check with a veterinarian.

  • 4.2 fluid oz (120g) aerosol spray
  • Protects wound with breathable barrier
  • Active Ingredient: 40mg Aluminum powder
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