Winky Wash n Udder Stuff 16oz.

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Hay Where's That Winky Wash n Udder Cleaner 16 oz Bottle.

A Gentle Conditioning Sheath & Udder Wash. Effectively Removes Smegma and Irritating Crud. Cleaning your horse's sheath is an unpleasant, but necessary task. Hay Where's That's "Winky Wash n Udder Stuff" is a gentle, effective cleaner. It's proprietary blends work to penetrate smegma and loosen crusty debris that is attached inside the sheath and around mare's udders. Removes without tearing the skin. It's emollient properties make bean removal a comfortable and quick process. It is water soluble and will not leave a residue when rinsed.

Be sure your horse is happy and healthy by adding "Winky Wash n Udder Stuff" to their grooming routine.

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