Stubben Easy Control 3 Ring Gag Bit 5"

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Stubben Easy Control 3 Ring Gag Bit 5"

Please reference ID SCABR-27


About the Stubben Easy Bit:

This Stübben EZ Control 3-Ring Elevator Bit has a mechanism that changes the bit’s effect according to rein pressure, which makes it potentially helpful for horses which tend to get strong. This training bit functions as a snaffle bit with light rein pressure and as a mullen mouth when pressure is increased.

The bit design acts on the tongue, bars and poll. It produces a stronger lateral effect due to the center connection of the mouthpiece to the cheeks, and a quicker action due to the center fulcrum. Cheeks provide correction to resistance to direct rein aids. Note: Stübben recommends to protect against possible pinching by ordering this bit one size larger than your snaffle.

This bit is made of STEELtec to the highest Stübben standards with only smooth connecting pieces.

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