The Naughty Equestrian Simmer Down Cowboy Funny Can Cooler

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Simmer Down Cowboy Funny Can Cooler No, I wasn't looking at you cowboy! I was looking at your horse! Settle down cowboy. You know you need this funny cowgirl Coozie to set that cowboy in your life straight.  What does 'Calm Down Cowboy' mean? It means he can't get his jeans in a pinch because you like his horse better! Made to keep your drinks crispy-fresh and cool-looking, this  Simmer Down Cowboy Funny Can Cooler are the best companion for nature trips and parties. They're super lightweight and will fit in any backpack. White polyester exterior and black soft foam liner interior. Available in Two Sizes: Regular Can (3.5'' x 4.3'')

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