M. Toulouse Genesis Dressage saddle 18"

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M. Toulouse Professional Genesis Dressage saddle 18"

This saddle is in good working condition. It does have cosmetic flaws such as fading/discoloration and wear to the flaps and seat. The billets have slight wear to them.

Please reference ID MLASD-51


About the Genesis tree:

Adjustments to the Genesis system are made quickly and easily in three steps using the included tools: unlock the gullet, adjust the gullet width and lock in the new width. All your adjustments are made almost instantly and without taking the saddle apart. A small, discrete flap underneath the saddle is all you need to open. And you can adjust your Genesis gullet as often as you need for every horse you ride.


All local trials come with a 3-day trial, while mailed saddle trials come with a 5-day trial starting the day the saddle arrives.

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