Horse Guard Vitamin & Mineral Supplement 10 lb

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Horse Guard is the most concentrated equine vitamin-mineral supplement on the market today.

Just two ounces a day ensures your horse will get all the critical nutrients typically missing from hay – including 3 mg of organic selenium and 1,000 IU of Vitamin E. Plus, you get the assurance that you are feeding the highest quality ingredients, including chelated minerals, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, and food-grade carriers.

Vibrant health is the result of many things, nutrition being the cornerstone. Horses, unlike humans, have very limited food sources – most of which are from the local area. Because of this they are much more prone to deficiencies caused by the deficiency in local soils and by the loss of vitamin content with feed storage. A complete vitamin-mineral supplement helps to ensures complete nutrition and provides for all body functions.

Aids in Faster Muscle Recovery Elevated levels of Vitamin E and Organic Selenium helps to speed muscle recovery and increase disease resistance

Promotes Shiny Coats – Biotin and Zinc are building blocks for healthy hair and hooves

Helps Improve Digestion – Probiotics, Prebiotics and Yeast are powerful digestive aids

Promotes Improved Overall Health – Balanced horse vitamins and trace minerals meet nutritional needs not fulfilled by your horse’s hay

Guaranteed Analysis — Nutrient per pound

Vitamin A 40,000 IU    Phosphorus-P…(.5%) 2880 mg
Vitamin D3 16,000 IU   Iron – FE 400 mg
Vitamin E 8,000 IU   Copper – CU 120 mg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 100 mg   Magnesium – Mg …(.3%) 1400 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 176 mg   Manganese – MN …(.1%) 700 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 120 mg   Zinc – ZN …(.35%)  1600 mg
Vitamin B12 600 mcg   Iodine – I …(.003%) 16 mg
Vitamin C 1,020 mg   Selenium – SE…(.005%) 24 mg
Folic Acid 14,600 mcg   Cobalt – CO …(.005%) 24 mg
Pantothenic Acid 152 mg   Methionine….(1.25%) 5,675 mg
Choline Chloride 500 mg   Yeast Culture…(1.25%) 5,675 mg
Biotin 36 mg   Saccharomyces cerevisiae  
Calcium…(.7% to .14%) 3920 mg   Bacterial Inoculant….
Bacillus Subtilis
Bacillus Lichenformis
min- 500 million CFUs

Corn Flour and Wheat Mill Run, dl Methionine, Yeast Culture, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Selenium Yeast, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3 , Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Pyrodoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Folic Acid, d-Calcium Panthenate, Choline Chloride, D-Biotin, Magnesium Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Monocalcium/Dicalcium phosphate, Ferrous Sulfate, Iron proteinate, , Manganous oxide, Manganese Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Zinc proteinate, Ethylenediamine Diahydiodide, Cobalt sulfate, Cobalt proteinate, Live Bacterial Inoculant, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus Lichenformis



Top dress feed grain or hay with 1 ounce per 500 lb bodyweight per day. 2 ounce scoop included. A 1,000 lb horse will receive a full scoop; smaller horses less. Feed consistently, no matter the activity level of the horse.


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