Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion Extreme

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Magic Cushion Xtreme Hoof Packing uses higher concentrations of anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredients to provide faster, stronger relief from concussion, pain and trauma within the hoof. Proven to provide relief from the everyday rigors of training, abscesses, laminitis, white line disease, pedal osteitis, navicular syndrome, bruising, corns, canker and any concussive trauma to the hoof tissues. Magic Cushion Xtreme is ideal for performance horses. Use after a workout or before and on each day of an athletic event or competition. Magic Cushion Xtreme is a natural product and is not a cause for concern during any drug testing. May be used under a protective hoof pad or applied to the hoof and secured with a simple wrap.

To apply Magic Cushion Xtreme, clean all areas of the sole with a hoof pick and wire brush, if necessary. Using gloves or an applicator, apply sufficient Magic Cushion Xtreme to cover the entire sole and sulci of the frog to 1/2" depth. Cover or wrap hoof to keep hoof packing in place and allow absorption.

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