Professionals Choice Fleece Lined Fly Boots (set of 4)

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These Fly Boots are made out of a heavy-duty, uniquely breathable, and UV-protective nylon mesh that resists stains and wrinkles. The contoured shape and three adjustable hook and loop straps ensure a perfect fit without over tightening. The nylon binding and reinforced webbing down the back keep the boot from sliding down the horses leg while fleece lining ensures optimal comfort. Polyester rip-stop technology makes mesh extremely tough and durable. Fly Boots come in a 4-pack to provide complete protection. 30-Day money-back guarantee/ 60-Day warranty or as required by law.


Front legs - Height 12.5" / Cir. 11"
Rear legs - Height 13" / Cir. 11.5"

Front legs - Height 13.5" / Cir. 12"
Rear legs - Height 14.5" / Cir. 12.5"


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