Equisports Equine Massager

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Equisports Equine Massager

Like-new, has around 20 hours of use on it.

Comes in original carrying case with owners manual.

Please reference ID PFIT-11

From the Manufacturer website:

  • Variable speed range: 500-4600 RPM
  • 120 VAC Nominal Power Source Required
  • Built to ANSI standards and CSA certified
  • Assists in reducing tension and rejuvenating sore, tired muscles
  • Promotes circulation to increase blood flow
  • Can be used as part of a warm-up routine

The Equisports™ Massager with variable speed provides a deep, penetrating massage with the twist of a switch. Help reduce pain, muscle tension, and stiffness by adjusting massage intensity from a soft, gentle speed to a deep, invigorating speed. Ideal for use on ponies, donkeys, horses, and mules.

Getting involved in the equine industry at any level can be an expensive hobby. Let’s face it, we would do anything to make sure our ponies, donkeys, horses, and mules are comfortable and happy. Treat your equine companions to the luxury of a full body massage without the recurring cost of a massage therapist.

If you would like to improve your equine’s overall performance and quality of life, you can count on the Equisports Massager with variable speed as a key tool in your regular massage therapy regimen. This massager delivers an invigorating 500-4600 RPM orbital massaging action. This product is built with a cast aluminum construction with a black powder coat finish that looks great and resists abrasions, ensuring years of use.

We know you expect your equine athletes to perform their best. The Equisports Massager provides a soothing, deep penetrating massage that increases blood flow to assist in rejuvenation of sore, tired, or tense muscles. If your equine needs a performance boost, try adding the Equisports Massager to their warm-up routine to help increase elasticity of the muscles.

Equine professionals worldwide use our massager, so you can be confident that you’re giving your equine companion the very best massage.

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