JP Korsteel Bit Loose Ring Snaffle Stainless Steel Copper Mouth Oval Link

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Korsteel JP Curve Copper Oval Link Loose Ring Snaffle Bit provides ultimate communication between you and your horse. John Patterson (JP), world renowned trainer and jockey developed the curved bar design to enhance performance by facilitating the utmost comfort for your horse.

  • Reduces tongue pinching for a more comfortable fit
  • Reduces direct pressure on the tongue
  • Helps to stop the bit from hitting the roof of the mouth
  • Encourages relaxation and salivation
  • Crafted from top quality stainless steel
  • Copper oval link in center
  • 3" rings
  • Will not rust or lose its luster

    Lozenge bits have a three piece mouthpiece with a thick, often egg shaped center link. The thicker center link means that the joints at the center of the bit are not as pronounced as with a flat link. When the joints are more exposed, they may create small pressure points on the horse's tongue that could be uncomfortable and cause the horse to become tense.

    The three piece mouthpiece evenly distributes pressure across the lips, bars and tongue without hitting the roof of the mouth.

    Loose ring bits are very soft in the horse's mouth. Because the rings move through the bit instead of being set at a fixed point, the bit is free to find its own position in the horse's mouth. This free movement can help some horses to relax and is also helpful with horses who hang on the bit as it is less stable for them to lean on.

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