Shires ZEB-TEK Fly Mask Zip Off Nose

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Inspired by nature. Monochromatic technology. Scientific research shows that stripes effectively prevent flies from landing on the horse. The ZEB-TEK fabric deters bothersome flies and biting insects , keeping them away from the head. Additional fly defence is granted by the mesh eye visor, nose cover and airstream ears. UV blocking fabrics diminish the risk of sunburn and bleaching. Erganomic shaping and fleecy seam padding keep the fly mask away from the eyes and reduce gaps. Featuring Full face protection, airstream ears, stretch poll, adjustable safety fastenings and is completely breathable.

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Extra Small Pony 54 77 27
Small Pony 59 86 28
Pony 61 89 33
Cob 66 89 34
Full 68 104 36
Extra Full 71 107 46

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