Ramard Total Gut Health Powder

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Total Gut Health is one of the most comprehensive gastrointestinal products ever produced, addressing the entire GI tract as well as issues which can be caused by poor absorption. The equine specific free nucleotides support cell replication and the lengthening of villi in the digestive tract, shielding it while helping to maximize absorption. Only Total Gut Health can deliver these results.
Bioflavex has been proven to support the body’s natural ability to balance bacteria known to cause GI upset.  Ramard’s Beta Glucan, with its specific bond of (1,3/1,6) is a very powerful immune support product which helps to facilitate normal bowel motility, and may help modulate normal mucosal immunity of the intestinal tract. Rather than adding more bacteria, TGH supports the beneficial bacteria which are normally present in the intestinal tract.
TGH was formulated to help with the following issues: poor absorption, discomfort of the intestines due to an over abundance of bacteria or sand buildup, loose stool induced by stress or diet and stomach upset. TGH promotes the growth of healthy intestinal microflora, helping to support intestinal health and immune function while replacing efficiency lost with compromised GI systems. TGH supports the body's normal healing processes mucosal lining. The response time is fast and amazing.
  • Keeps the digestive tract functioning properly and may help reduce the possibility of colic
  • Supports normal stomach pH
  • Helps address colic caused by sand and other materials
  • Aids in reducing occasional loose stools due to environmental stress or changes in diet
  • Supports digestive tract health
  • Helps maintain proper gut flora
  • Prevents free radical damage
  • Helps support the protective layers of the bowel
  • Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines
  • Enhances the immune response

Active Ingredients: Nucleoforce, BioFlavex, Glutamine, Psyllium, Magnesium, Bromelain, Beta Glucan, Zinc, Vitamin E

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