Horze Sponge Brush Brown

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  • Combination of sponge and bristle brush is excellent for tough grooming jobs
  • Tows of soft bristles surrounding an absorbent sponge core
  • Outer bristles are a bit lower than the sponge
  • Soft, comfortable rubber grip with a nylon strap
  • Perfect for washing down sweaty horses and removing stable stains
  • 7" X 3" total brush size 1 Long Bristles 1.2 Sponge Height

Tackle tough grooming messes with the Horze Sponge Brush.

This combination sponge and brush features two rows of bristles surrounding a soft sponge and is excellent for removing tough stains that aren't easy to remove with just one or the other. This tool is excellent for removing sweat stains, stubborn poultice remains and grass stains on grey horses. It includes a nylon handle strap with a comfortable rubber backing for grip in wet conditions. This combination brush makes the toughest grooming jobs much easier!

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