Effol Rider Hand Cream 75ml

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Rider's spend so much time exposed to sun, wind, and cold. All of these elements take a toll on our skin. We take great care of our horse's but sometimes skimp on ourselves. Effol® Riders’ Hand Lotion for Him and Her ensures that the rider is just as well looked after as their horse! This hand lotion absorbs quickly and moisturizes deeply. A great size for your tack box or glove compartment, this hand lotion is portable and packs a punch. Perfect for chapped and dry hands, you will find yourself reaching for Effol® Riders’ Hand Lotion again and again.
Favorite Features
  • Made with jojoba Oil
  • Made to the highest human-cosmetic standards
  • Moisturizes and repairs skin
  • Perfect fix for hands chapped by the cold, wind, or sun
  • Unisex scent
  • Rider care from a brand we know and love!
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