Ramard Relief Poultice Topical Analgesic 5lb

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Unique blend of Arnica, MSM and Calendula in a cooling poultice form. Ramard's Relief Poultice helps to draw out any swelling, heat and discomfort from your horse's legs and hooves. Great for after a hard workout or race. Idea for working on abscesses, bruises or any other discomfort in the hooves. Specifically formulated to follow FEI guidelines. Relief Poultice can be used on sensitive skin horses as it should not cause blistering or irritate the skin. Ramard's poultice is easily removed with a brush, no hosing necessary, which makes it ideal to use at shows and during the winter months.

Product Details:

  • Can be used on hooves and as a hoof pack
  • Blend of Arnica, MSM and Calendula
  • Base of rich Bentonite clay
  • Easy to apply and easy removal
  • Cools and draw out heat and swelling
  • Ideal for abscesses and bruises
  • Will not blister or irritate
  • Can be used with or without wraps
  • Follows FEI Guidelines
  • 5 lb
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