National Bridle Saddle Black Gaited Tree 17" Seat Wide

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National bridle Shop Gaited Trail Saddle

17" Seat

Full Quarter horse bars

Please reference ID VHESS-2

The skirts are foam blocked to aid in comfort and fit for the horse,   The skirt fleece matches the saddle with added quality.   The 2212 seating system provides extra comfort for the rider.    

The tree is built to fit the average gaited horse breeds such as the Tennessee Walking Horse, Racking Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter and Mountain Horses.    The tree has an extra high Gullet to accomodate the high withers and freedom of movement in the neck.   The bars are cut at the proper angle for the average saddle pocket ensuring a positive fit.   The bars are also flared at the points to accomodate the movement of the gaited breeds.

The 2212 is built by a saddle maker that pays attention to the smallest details.   All the way from the alignment of the skirts to positioning the ground seat and hand stitching the cheyenne roll,  you can count on our makers to get it right!

All tooling is performed manually to ensure a lasting design.

Tree Specifications:

Gullet Width:  7"
Gullet Height:  8"
Bar Angle:  88 1/2 degrees
Bar Spread Width:  12 1/2"

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