Mikmar Flexion Combo bit 5.5'

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Mikmar Flexion Combination Jointed Bit

The Flexion Combination Bit with jointed mouthpiece from Mikmar is a variation of the original Combination Bit that disperses pressure to the nose, mouth, chin, and poll. The Flexion Combination Bit has independent swiveling cheek pieces that helps lift each side of the horse's shoulders and to frame separately. The independent swivel cheeks allow a softer, more lateral feel than the original style fixed cheek.  The Flexion Combination Bits permit several leverage and function options. The rider can attach a single rein to 3 different areas- the nose rope, the lower area of the shank, or the shank at the corner of the mouth. You can also use double reins in combination to those 3 areas, giving lots of options.

If a rein is attached to the nose rope, mild pressure is placed across the nose and reduces some pressure from the mouth, softening the feel of the bit. It also slows the action in general as it disperses pressure to the nose, mouth, chin, and poll. By attaching a rein to the lower shank, a more direct leverage effect is given. Attaching a rein to the shank at the corner of the mouth allows milder direct bit pressure and eliminates nose pressure. The rope does not need to be removed for this rein placement. This  Mikmar Flexion Combination Jointed Bit has 2 joints and a slanted/low port version of the original Mikmar Standard style bit. This more flexible mouthpiece gives the rider a more lateral, softer connection. The bit is designed to encourage responsiveness, proper head carriage, smoothness, flexion, collection, and relaxation. Mikmar Flexion Combination Bits can be useful for horses exhibiting head tossing, pulling, rooting, nervousness, and high headed maneuvers. This is a versatile bit that's popular for multiple disciplines including jumping, barrel racing, endurance, trail riding, training, and for use with gaited horses.

  • Mikmar #MFX525J
  • Double jointed with roller
  • Multiple rein options


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