Imus gaited bit 5"

Article number: SDRA-2
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Our Imus Comfort Gait Bit is completely pinchless and has a mouthpiece that offers plenty of tongue relief encouraging the horse to drop his head into the bit rather than stiffening up against it. There is no break in the middle, preventing the “nutcracker effect”.

It is built with a copper roller to completely cover all movable parts in the mouthpiece and has very smooth independent action from side-to-side and also at the cheek pieces.

The action of the bit when the rider takes on the reins gives a smooth rolling request in the mouth, allowing the rider to work their horse laterally as well as performing shoulder lifts, rein backs or half halts. The Imus Comfort Gait Bit™ can be used for direct or neck reining.


Please reference SDRA-2


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