Dry Guy Waterproofing Horse Blankets & Pet Apparel Spray- 473.1ml (16 oz)

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Superior BREATHABLE fabric waterproofing concentrate specifically formulated for horse blankets and pets


Horse blankets, pet clothing, pet protective gear, pet blankets and bedding.


473.1ml. (16oz) covers 50-60 square feet per bottle.


Protect working surface and lay clean garment flat and zip up all zippers. Hold bottle 15-30 cm / 6-12 inches away from fabric. Apply evenly to outside of fabric. Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed. Allow to fully dry before use.  Apply a second application for best results.

Size 473ml (16 oz)

covers up to 1-2 large horse blankets 


  • Waterproofing coating for horse blankets and other outdoor fabrics and clothing that does not use PTFE, Teflon or Silicone. 
  • Does Not Change The Color, Texture or Feel of Your Fabric And Still Allows It To Breathe.
  • Can last a whole year, or longer, before it needs to be re-applied with Proper Maintenance.  
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