Grooming Tote Nylon

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A Grooming Tote that holds a lot. Bag in A Bag Horse Grooming Tote

The handiest grooming tote available. We were amazed when we looked at other totes. Nothing fit! The pockets and holders would not accommodate brushes, bottles and tools used by grooms and horseman. This bag has 4 deep exterior pockets with elasticized tops that will hold the largest bushiest of brushes. There are two internal nylon loops that will keep spray bottles and hoof dressing containers upright. Made of durable nylon. The very sturdy nylon screen mesh bottom allows dirt and dust to fall through. Machine washable air dry. Keep heavy tack boxes in the tack room and tote what is needed in this handy compartment style tote. Strong mesh bottom and inside loops to hold bottles in place. 

Machine wash, air dry. 8" deep, 9.1/2" across the bottom, weighs approx. 11oz.

Colors: Red, Purple and Blue

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