Horze Faux Fur Half Pad

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  • Half Pad for English Saddle Correction - This padded half pad raises your saddle slightly to fix minor saddle fitting issues.
  • Breathable Quilted Fabric - The beautiful diamond-quilted pattern is made of a breathable cotton/polyester blend for comfort!
  • Non-Slip Fleece - The underside is made of a soft, non-slip fleece for a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Faux Fur Edging - Extra soft faux fur adds comfort, grip, and moisture-wicking for your horse.
  • Billet Straps - These straps attach to the saddle to keep the half pad securely in place.

This fashionable and affordable solution for minor saddle fitting problems offers breathable and non-slip qualities.

The correction Horze Fur Half Pad is an affordable pad that looks similar to the Horze Harleigh pad but at a more economical price. This pad raises the saddle correctly providing a secure, comfortable fit. The top of the pad features a beautiful diamond quilt pattern with a fleece underside and faux fur edging. Measures 22 in (56 cm) along the spine with a 10 in (25 cm) drop (at the widest point).

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