Kentucky Performance Elevate Se Powder Vitamin E and Selenium 2lb

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A Proprietary Blend of Natural Vitamin E and Organic Selenium Yeast

    • Designed to meet your horse’s individual needs.
    • Elevate Se is formulated specifically for horses that require supplementation with highly bioavailable sources of both vitamin E and selenium.
    • Concentrated formula

The ultimate combination: Natural vitamin E and organic selenium

Elevate Se contains the same highly beneficial, natural vitamin E that is found in Elevate Maintenance Powder. Research has shown that vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the equine diet. But not all forms of the vitamin are created equally. Most supplements contain synthetic vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol acetate), which is not as potent as natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol acetate). Compared to syntheticvitamin E, the body can more efficiently transport and deliver natural vitamin E to target tissues. Current research in several species, including horses, shows that natural vitamin E is two to three times more potent than synthetic.

Elevate Se is formulated with an organic source of selenium yeast that is more digestible than commonly used inorganic selenium (sodium selenite) (Pagan etal., 1999). Recently approved by the FDA for use in equine supplements, organic selenium is produced by yeast. This form of selenium is similar to that which horses would consume in a natural grazing situation. Because of its more natural form, horses absorb and retain more organic selenium in their tissues, ensuring it is readily available when needed. The combination of natural vitamin E and organic selenium yeast found in Elevate Se ensures, in a safe, easy-to-feed and affordable manner, that vitamin E and selenium levels remain where you want them to be.

One scoop (7 grams) of Elevate Se contains

    • 1500 IU natural vitamin E
    • 1 mg selenium (provided by organic selenium yeast)
    • Mix 1 scoop in feed = 1,500 IU vitamin E and 1 mg selenium.
    • Provide 1 scoop per day mixed in with daily feed ration.
    • Do not feed more than 1 scoop per day unless directed to do so by a licensed veterinarian.
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