Circle Y Goodnight Cascade Crossover Trail Saddle 15" Med

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The Julie Goodnight Cascade Crossover by Circle Y was designed for function, optimal weight, and unbeatable comfort on the trail. 

Adjustable double billet rigging allows for the included girth to be positioned in multiple ways to suit each individual horse while the addition of plaited night latch offers rider security for all different terrains. Numerous footman's loops offer maximum flexibility when attaching gear, making this an ideal trail saddle. 

By using the SS Flex 2® tree, this impressive system provides a secure seat with a lower profile horn. Exclusive to Circle Y, the Flex 2® tree works synergistically to offer comfort to both horse and rider. By using a rigid ground seat for rider comfort, a high-density bar to disperse rider weight, and a low-density bar to offer greater freedom of movement for the horse, this saddle is sure to be loved by both equine and human.

  • Night Latch" Strap on Pommel for Stability
  • Hoof Pick on Back of Cantle with Leather Scabbard
  • Numerous Ties, Rings, Slots for Tying Gear
  • Leather Billet Keepers Balance Rigging & Prevent Pinching
  • High Gullet with Swells on Pommel (No Horn)
  • Deep Seat, Narrow Twist Provides Security in Saddle
  • Flex 2 Tree Technology to Distribute Rider Weight 
  • Walnut Colored Leather
  • Weight: Approximately 23 lbs
  • Model Number: 1753


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