Carrot Ball Horse Toy

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Your horse will never get bored playing with this toy!

The Carrot Ball will entertain your horse time and time again preventing boredom. The Carrot Ball is also very effective for cribbers. Not only does this treat dispenser toy stop boredom but will actually increase their dexterity. They will learn to interact with the ball and work out the best to remove the carrots.

During our extensive tests with Carrot Ball, we experienced occasions where the animal actually carried the empty Carrot Ball back to their owner to be refilled! This toy is manufactured from a super anti-burst tough material (the same as hot water bottles are made from).


How to Use:

Using the unique"Hug & Tug" feature – simply inflate the Carrot Ball to the required pressure with the included adapter and a bicycle pump. The greater the pressure the firmer the carrots are held and the more effort is required to remove them.

Load Carrot Ball with carrots and then stand back and watch the fun begin! Your horse or pony will never get tired of playing with the Carrot Ball, there"s a reward every time!

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