Life Data Labs Barn Bag® Broodmare and Growing Horse 11lb

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Barn Bag® Broodmare and Growing Horse Pelleted Feed Concentrate is a source of required basic daily nutrients for all broodmares and growing horses. Calorie requirements vary widely between broodmares and growing horses, and must be addressed separately from other nutrient requirements. When compounded feeds are used, the nutrients added to the feed are “force fed” into the horse at indiscriminate amounts in order to meet the calorie requirements to grow the fetus, lactate or gain weight. This leads to over-supplementation of horses requiring a high calorie intake at their higher feeding levels and insufficient nutrient supplementation of the easy keeper mares. Barn Bag® allows the horse owner to separate the calorie requirements for gestation, lactation or growth from other nutrient requirements. Proper feeding during gestation and growth results in a healthier horse!

The formulation and nutrient content of the Barn Bag® is derived from research done at the Life Data Labs Research Facility with additional reference to the nationally recognized NRC Nutrient Requirements of Horses. Each 11 lb. pail is a thirty day supply for an adult 1,000 lb. broodmare or a growing horse with an expected adult weight of 1,000 lbs.

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